Technical Analysis in HFIM:
  • 38 technical indicators
  • 44 analytical objects
  • 21 timeframe
  • 1 minute story
  • unlimited number of charts

Technical analysis is an integral part of successful trading on Forex, stock exchange and futures. With its help, you can identify various trends, determine support/resistance levels, build a forecast of the dynamics of stock and currency quotes, and much more. In other words, technical analysis allows you to "look into the future" and use this advantage to make profit.

The essence of analysis is to study charts of financial instruments with the help of technical indicators and graphical objects. A solid set of the most necessary analytical tools is built into HFIM: 38 indicators and 44 objects. All of them can be combined to get more detailed forecasts.

Technical indicators

The most important tool in technical analysis is a technical indicator. It works automatically and reveals various regularities in the dynamics of quotations of stocks, currencies and other financial instruments. Based on this data, you can make an assumption about further price movements and adjust your trading strategy.

During the existence of trading in financial markets, a large number of different technical indicators have been developed. The most famous and popular of them are built into HFIM. For convenience, they are all combined into groups: trend indicators, oscillators, volume indicators and Bill Williams tools.

Most technical indicators have various settings that allow you to adapt them to specific tasks. Both analytical parameters and appearance can be controlled. For example, you can change the period for calculating the Moving Average, as well as change the color, thickness and type of its line.

Indicators can be located both on the quote chart itself and in special subwindows with their own scale of values. In this case, it is possible to superimpose some instruments on others. For example, you can overlay Moving Average on DeMarker and thus obtain a line of averaged values.

In general, HFIM offers you a serious arsenal for full-fledged analytics. However, the built-in toolkit is just the beginning. The Market and Libraries contain thousands of technical indicators and make your analytical capabilities limitless. Download for free, buy or rent - tools for technical analysis of any complexity are available to you right in the platform!

If you need a technical indicator with certain characteristics, you can write it yourself. For this, HFIM has all the necessary tools, and a lot of useful information is published on the website. And if you don’t have time to do the development yourself, then you can entrust this task to experienced programmers for a reasonable fee.

Analytical objects

HFIM Trading System:
  • 2 item accounting systems
  • Expanded price glass
  • 2 market orders
  • 6 pending orders
  • 2 stop orders

HFIM has 44 analytical objects: Gann, Fibonacci, Elliott tools, geometric figures, various channels and cycles and much more. Unlike technical indicators, they must be applied manually.

Managing analytical objects is intuitive and will not cause problems. To use the tool, you only need to specify a few control points along which it is built. The required analytical object will appear on the screen.

Like technical indicators, analytical objects can be used to control calculation parameters and display settings. For example, you can set your own levels for Fibonacci lines and change the display colors.

Built-in HFIM tools cover most of your needs. And with the use of the MQL5 development environment and additional services, the analytical capabilities of the trading platform become limitless. See for yourself!

Download HFIM, open a demo account and see for yourself!